Bird, Butterfly, and Moth photos by Pekka Sarvela

This site contains pictures of birds photographed in Finland, documenting as many species as possible. The pages are in Finnish, but there is an English tool (list of species) to browse most of the pages. Mostly, I believe, there is no big harm, since there is the place and date of the photographs available. Only a few ones have additional text. If you like to scan the pictures, they are organized in the same order as the species list (excluding the species without a photograph).

The pages are optimized for a 1280 x 1024 screen size, with 100 % zoom. The reference browser is IE11. We have also tested with Firefox and Chrome. Some differencies occur - not however disturbing.

I have started digital photographing (digiscoping) occasionally 2004 continuing occasional until summer 2005. Since then I have had the camera with me always in birding trips.

Practically, all pictures have been taken with a pocket camera (Canon Ixus IIs/SX720HS or Olympus μ1010/μ9000/SH-21) through a telescope (Kowa TSN-821). Therefore, no comparison to pictures taken with system cameras should be done. Pictures are not digitally enhanced (not even sharpened or adjusted brightness unless explicitly mentioned). The only modification is to cut "unnecessary" parts out to improve viewing and to decrease file sizes. Some pictures are displayed in smaller size than original. In some cases also the original size is available (use link "Täysikokoinen kuva" or "Täysikokoiset kuvat" with the picture).

One principle has been to store at least one picture of each species every year, no matter how poor they are. Of course, poor pictures will be replaced as better ones are taken.

This site is targeted to both local and internet use. Some links are used only locally. They are marked black (they are in Finnish, and therefore no limitation to a viewer in English).

If you find an error, or like to comment, send me e-mail into (to avoid spam mail, the address is modified - do not copy the address, but write yourself).

Use "Species list" link in right to enter the site. I hope that the site is enjoyable despite of the lack of English guidance.

Last added

23.5.2019 Linnet
Pied Flycatcher
22.5.2019 Great Reed Warbler
21.5.2019 Terek Sandpiper
21.5.2019 Red-breasted Flycatcher
Red-backed Shrike
Little Ringed Plover
20.5.2019 Greenish Warbler
Sedge Warbler
Spotted Flycatcher
19.5.2019 Avocet
Common Sandpiper
Lesser Black-backed Gull
14.5.2019 Bluethroat
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Little Grebe
Common Chaffinch
House Sparrow
12.5.2019 Common Stonechat
Lesser Whitethroat
10.5.2019 Wood Warbler
Arctic Tern
Common Redpoll
Great Cormorant
8.5.2019 Wryneck
6.5.2019 Temminck's Stint
Wood Sandpiper
5.5.2019 Spotted Redshank
Eurasian Wigeon
5.5.2019 Common Tern
Jack Snipe

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